Seminar Rooms

”We are delighted to be working with WINSTONuniversity to help people achieve the benefits of sustainability.” Jonathan Smith, CEO of GEO

All your seminars take place where great education should always take place: at the center of the action. At WINSTONuniversity you will have the unique learning experience of sitting in a classroom overlooking one of the best golf courses in Europe. 

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The Golf House

Most classes will be held at the WINSTONgolf House, which means you will always be in direct touch with a real-life-operating golf course. All class findings you can run through a reality check by looking out of the window and speaking with the WINSTONgolf staff. We have 5 rooms that can hold up to 80 people for classes - so there is plenty of room for all occasions.

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The Castle

Located only minutes from the golf course at the 200-year-old Schloss Basthorst, our conference and event facility comprises six meeting rooms, two restaurants and more than 100 bedrooms. Large group classes, guest presentations as well as industry seminars and workshops are held here. If you feel like visiting a SPA after a long day of learning, you may use the large sauna, pool, gym, yoga and massage facilities.

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The Excellence Center

An outstanding space that celebrates the spirit of Kaminabend. Guest speakers, panel discussions and interviews will be hosted here. The Jacobsen Excellence Centre highlights the means by which golf organizations can maximize efficiency for long-term financial success. Here our strategic partner Jacobsen, a world-wide leader in turf management, demonstrates the highest standards of resource management within a custom designed facility.