Yes, it is true - you can go as fast as your car takes you!

Situated in the middle of Europe just a two hours drive on the famous German Autobahn away from Berlin you will have a hard time finding a place in Europe that is more exciting than the campus of WINSTONuniversity.

WinstonUniversity Campus

Soft hills, wide fields, gurgling rivers and the turbulent Baltic Sea characterize the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern nature. The blue of the water and the green of the woods are everywhere, as are the majestic churches, fairytale castles, chateaux and historic old towns. The Baltic Sea has the most beautiful coastline and beautiful beaches to offer in Germany. These endless beaches invite you to fill in the fresh sea air batteries. Give yourself a break from studying and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.  

Closest Airports are Hamburg, Lübeck-Blankensee (Ryan Air), and Berlin.

More at: www.ostsee.de

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The largest city in the north. Known by the Reeperbahn, many musicals, and of course the beautiful Alster Lakes. But Hamburg has more to discover!  And you can do this on any weekend. Because Hamburg lies 1-hour drive or train journey away, it's a simple trip to make around one of the most important cities in Germany. Go to dance and party while on the Reeperbahn and the old Fischmarkt bars, restaurants and coffee shops, river and harbour boat cruises, funfairs and festivals there is something for everyone.  

Visit Hamburg: www.hamburg-travel.com


You can reach  Berlin in just two hours by car. The train also is convenient from Schwerin. There is obviously a lot of history to discover in Berlin. A sight-seeing tour is the best way to get to know this important European city well. Also Berlin is a great shopping city. Whether in the Friedrichstraße or at the Kufürstendamm, your money can go a long way here. It is a city now famous for its artists and cultural flair. And in the evenings celebrate in one of the many clubs and take breakfast in the Berlin TV tower overlooking the entire city.

Visit Berlin: www.berlin.de



A place that shines with more than just lakes. The beautiful historic castle is simply a must for a sight-seeing tour. And in the evening at a cozy barbecue in the park to relax. Schwerin also has a number of sports clubs and our University partner Baltic College has a busy International Student Union to meet up with. Clubs and bars round off a perfect evening in Schwerin. Whether in summer in the beach bars and après ski in the winter in the huts. Schwerin means always having a good mood!

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